Tartu City Museum hosts the following collections:

  • archaeological collection – including finds from archaeological excavations and supervision projects as well as random discoveries
  • photographic collection – reflecting the spatial development of the city
  • archive collection – including documents and material on the history of Tartu
  • historical collection – containing objects that were made or used in Tartu
  • art collection – featuring works of art depicting people linked to Tartu as well as city scenes
  • numismatic collection (incl. a bonistic collection) – containing coins found in Tartu or that were in circulation here
  • audio-visual collection – including audio-visual material linked to Tartu and its residents

As of 2015, our entire collection comes to some 156,000 museum objects.

To browse our collections, visit the Museums Public Portal at www.muis.ee. Our art, audio-visual, historical and numismatic collections are accessible as a whole via this website. The archive, photographic and archaeological collections are available in part.

How to use muis.ee to browse Tartu City Museum Collections:

Go to muis.ee and click on Search tab. After that, click on Advanced search.

With Advanced Search picked, choose Tartu Linnamuuseum (Tartu City Museum) from Museum drop down menu.

For additional information on the material in our collections, contact head registrar Kaie Jeeser at kaie.jeeser@katarina.ee or on +372 746 1904.

Price list

Price list for services provided by the museum

  • Consultation fee: €15
  • Creating an exhibition: €20/hour
  • Organising an event: €25/hour
  • Giving a guest lecture: €25/hour (+ transport costs)
  • Archaeological supervision, consultation and expert assessment (agreed price depends on complexity and volume of work; starting from €15/hour)
  • Digital photo/video of a museum object: €5 (for research and scientific purposes free)
  • Digitalisation of a photo: €15 (for research and scientific purposes: €3)
  • Digitalisation of a photo, document or archive material: from €6
  • Deposit of object: €5/day + additional costs


Rights of use

  • A fee is charged for the use of the collections of Tartu City Museum. Such fees are charged according to the price list applying to the use of the museum’s collections.
  • Tartu City Museum lends its materials to legal persons according to a relevant loan agreement. The agreement is made on every loan occasion.
  • Rights of use of materials are single-use only. Each subsequent occasion shall be coordinated with the museum in writing and charged separately.
  • Rendering and selling copies and images of the museum’s material is prohibited if not coordinated with Tartu City Museum.
  • In general, copyright in material included in the collections of Tartu City Museum is not held by the museum, unless a specific agreement has been reached. To obtain permission to use such material, users not associated with the museum shall contact its author. Tartu City Museum does not hold copyrights and is not allowed to confer copyright on third parties.
  • Museum staff are entitled to decline to hand over of a museum object if this could cause damage to the object.
  • The museum is entitled to decline its services to persons who have previously abused the museum’s confidence.


All users of our material are required to make reference to the museum’s original materials.

Example: reference to a photo from the collection of Tartu City Museum TMF 100:1
Tartu City Museum F100:1 or TMF 100:1

Example: reference to an object from the collection of Tartu City Museum TM 350:1 Aj 10:1

Tartu City Museum 350:1 Aj or TM 350:1 Aj

Example: reference to an archaeological find from the collection of Tartu City Museum TM 430:1 A 27:1
Tartu City Museum 430:1 A 27:1 or TM 430:1 A 27:1