Celebrating Juhan Peegel’s 100th birthday

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Beginning with May 8th, a new exhibition titled Juhan Peegel 100 is open at Oskar Luts Home Museum. 

On May 19th we celebrate the 100th birthday of Juhan Peegel, a joournalist, a linguist, an academic and a writer. Juhan Peegel was an honorary professor at Tartu University who also initialized the department of journalism at Tartu University. Juhan Peegel lived with the Luts family as a tenant. Juhan Peegel and Oskar Luts also made contact at the office of newspaper Postimees where Juhan Peegel worked.

Th exhibition is based on memories of Juhan Peegel’s colleagues, peers, family and former students. Keywords are Peegel’s humor and kindness. The exhibition also features things and objects that belonged to Peegel.

Additional Information:
Meeli Väljaots
Tartu City Museum
Oskar Lutsu Home Museum Curator
+372 746 1900; +372 5810 9397