Premises for hire

The Classical building from the first half of the 19 th century that is currently home to the Song Festival Museum is listed as a cultural monument and holds great importance in our cultural history. From 1870-1903 it was used by the Vanemuine Society, which established the tradition of Estonian song festivals and laid the foundations for Estonian theatre. The building was thoroughly renovated and the museum was opened here in October 2007.

On the first floor of the museum you will find a beautiful hall (some 100 sq m) and a salon (some 40 sq m), both of which are available to rent for receptions, concerts, seminars, training sessions, weddings and other events. The hall accommodates around 70 people.

The salon accommodates around 15 people. Next to the hall and salon is a kitchen/preparation room for catering purposes.

The building is surrounded by a large, well-maintained park with a gazebo. In summer, the park and the courtyard are available for rent in addition to the indoor premises.

During museums opening hours (1 hour/1 day) Outside museum opening hours (1 hour)
Rent for hall €30/€150 €35
Rent for salon €20/€100 €30
Rent for hall and salon €40/€200 €50
€20Rent for courtyard €15/€70 €20
Rent for hall, salon and park€15
Rent for park (plus toilet) €60/€300
Information and bookings: +372 746 1020 /
You are welcome to come and take a look at the premises from Tue-Sat 11:00-18:00.

Photos of the hall:

Photos of the salon:

Photos of the courtyard:

Photos of the park: