Bumpy increases popularity

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The popular children’s book Bumpy (Nukitsamees, 1920) by Oskar Luts is still going strong.

Recently, new translated editions of Bumpy are fresh out of print shop. In Finnish, Bumpy bears the title Pieni sarvipää. In a new Russian edition the book also contains other children’s stories: “Мальчик с рожками” и другие эстонские сказки.

Bumpy was translated to English back in 1987.

The plot of Bumpy can be condensed as follows: Bumpy somewhat echoes the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. A brother and sister called Kusti and Iti get lost in a forest while picking strawberries and are captured by an evil forest hag, who uses the two kids as slave labor – Kusti is put to work around the farm, while Iti looks after the hag’s mischievous son, whom she names Bumpy due to the horn-like bumps on his head. When a chance to escape arises, the two kids take Bumpy with them. But how will a wild forest rascal like Bumpy adjust to life with Iti and Kusti’s family? (Source: imdb.com)