The Oskar Luts Home Museum was the last home of Oskar Luts (1887-1953), a long-time citizen of Tartu, the favourite writer of many generations and the author of Kevade, a national mythical tale. In the functionalist house, the writer’s simple study and a guest room, where in January 1937 he was congratulated on his 50 th birthday by his colleagues, have been preserved in their original state. The permanent exhibition focuses on the writer’s life and abundant literary work as well as on the role of theatre and film in transforming his characters into iconic and epic figures that new generations are including in their stories and narratives.

The Oskar Luts Home Museum is a branch of Tartu City Museum. Tartu City Museum has three other branches: the 19th Century Tartu Citizen’s House Museum located in a middle-class citizen’s Biedermer-style home from the 1830s; the KGB Cells Museum which bring to life conditions in a NKVD (KGB) reprimand prison in Tartu; and the Song Festival Museum which provides an overview of the Estonian tradition of song festivals and the role of Tartu in its development.

Gallery: The Oskar Luts House Museum: