Permanent exhibition

KGB Cells Museum is located on Riia Hill, across the street from the Ekraan cinema, in a grey building which was used in the 1940s and 1950s by the NKVD/KGB. The basement level, once used as a remand prison for political prisoners, is open to visitors. Part of the cells, the lock-ups and the corridor have been restored to their original condition. Other former cells house an exhibition on WWII, the post-war fight for Estonia’s independence, the crimes of the communist regime and the realities of life in a remand prison. Among other things, the exhibition includes photos and items from prison camps in Siberia, materials on Estonian partisans (the so-called Forest Brothers) and the history of underground resistance organisations as well as on political dissent, including Aleksander Solzenitsyn’s connection to Estonia.


Inta. Special camp no. 1


Up until 18th of January there is once again the chance to see one of our previous exhibitions “Inta. Special camp no. 1”.

The exhibition gives an overview on a prison camp that was located in Komi area (northwestern Russia). Many Estonians were captivated and sent there as political prisoners during 1940s and 1950s.