KGB Cells Museum is a branch of Tartu City Museum. The Museum features KGB dungeons and is situated in the “grey house”, where in the 1940s and 1950s the NKVD/KGB was situated. The basement floor with the cells for prisoners is open to visitors. The exposition gives a good survey of the history of the Estonian Resistance Movement and the crimes of the communist regime.

The idea to create the museum came from former members of student resistance movement Blue-Black-White, who discovered upon visiting their former prison cells that the cellar is empty and that restoring the prison as it once was would not be difficult.


The owner of the house Kalev Sõmermaa – who’s father, and the original owner of the house Oskar Sõmermaa, had perished in Siberia due to Soviet repressions – favoured the idea.

Encouraging feedback also came from Estonian American Fund Chief Operating Officer Ago Ambre, who pledged to support the endeavor financially with the help of Elmar Lehtmets Foundation that Tiit Lehtmets had founded in memory of his father.

The KGB Cells Museum was opened on 12th of October 2001 as a branch of Tartu City Museum.


Gallery: KGB Cells Museum