Permanent exhibition
Visitors can take a look around the home of a middle-class citizen in the 1830s. The living room, dining room, study, bedroom and kitchen are all designed in the then prevalent Biedermeier style. The museum provides visitors with the opportunity to take a look at the daily life of a middle-class citizen in the 19 th century and see what households were like at the time. The premises feature original items, of which the most noteworthy are a square piano made by a master named Hasse from Tartu, a fully functional grandfather clock from England and a kitchen with an abundance of utensils. The fact that these old premises have no electric lighting only adds to the charm of winter-time museum visits. In summer there is a herb garden in the courtyard with plants that were common in this region in the 19 th century.

Temporary exhibition

There is no temporary exhibition at the moment.