The 19 th Century Tartu Citizen’s Home Museum is an excellent place to learn new things about the life of townsfolk in the 19 th century. The museum is located in the old part of Tartu, in a unique neighbourhood where the buildings are among the oldest in the city. The wooden dwelling, completed in the 1740s, is one of the oldest to have survived in Tartu.

Visitors find themselves in the home of a middle-class citizen in the 1830s. The living room, dining room, study and bedroom are furnished in the Biedermeier style characteristic of the period. In the cosy kitchen at the heart of the house are a number of utensils and a fully functional ‘English’ stove.

To make the best of their museum visit, groups are encouraged to book a guided tour. The museum premises are also available to rent for a variety of events.

Guided tours
When visiting the museum as a group, you can book a guided tour about the life of Tartu townspeople in the 19 th century. A guide will tell you more about the building and about the objects in the museum, and visitors are welcome to ask questions about anything they are interested in.

Duration 45–60 minutes
Guided tour in foreign language – €25/group*

* Plus the museum’s admission fee

Information and bookings: +372 736 1545 /
Please book a guided tour at least three days before your scheduled visit.