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About the museum

The 19th Century Tartu Citizen's Home Museum is situated in the vicinity of St. John's Church, in an old and most peculiar part of Tartu, which was built up in the first part of the 18th century. It is housed in one of the oldest remaining wooden dwelling houses of Tartu, erected in the 1740s, at the address 16 Jaani Street. The plot is located in the part of the Old Town surrounded with the town wall and it is likely to have been developed early on. The oldest written references to buildings at this plot are from the late 16th century.

As you enter this building, you will find yourself in the home of a middle class citizen back in 1830. The living quarters have been reconstructed in accordance with the fashion of the II quarter of the 19th century and as you cast your glance around the rooms you will notice a Biedermeier-style interior and furniture. Visitors have access to the German family living room or hall, the dining room, the bedroom and the kitchen. In the olden days, the family used to gather in the hall in the evening for conversation, reading, listening to music and this is where family acquaintances were received. Nowadays the favourite place for our museum visitors is the kitchen, situated in the centre of the house.

Latest news: The Courtyard of Design

The Court of the 19th Century Tartu Citizen's Home Museum becomes a Courtyard of Design during Tartu Hanseatic Days!

In the Courtyard of Design you can meet the designers who are active in Tartu, but also designers from all over Estonia. The Courtyard of Design is without doubt a site worth visiting it is filled with pleasure for the eye, exciting solutions, and many lovely Estonian designers who wish to introduce their activities to a wider audience. If you are charmed by some of the pieces presented here, it is possible to purchase them. In the Courtyard of Design you have the chance to see the designs of Piret Mildeberg, Anna Lutter, Manni Kunst O, R Bears, Maria, Lember Design O, Hedviga Vei, etc.

In addition, there is a herbal garden in the Courtyard of Design, where you can find herbs like hyssop, sage and bladder seed, as well as beautiful flowers, amongst others the favourite flower of Goethe.

During the Hanseatic Days is the museum open longer than usual - Fri 11am-17pm, Sat 11am-18pm and Sun 11am-17pm.

Citizen's Home Museum

Jaani 16
Tartu 51007
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Opening times
Wed-Sun 10am - 15pm

Christmas and New Year opening hours 2016/2017:
21 December 10am1pm
23 and 31 December 10am-12pm
24-26 December and 1 January the museum is closed

Ticket prices
Adults 2
Children, students, seniors 1

Telephone (+372) 736 1545
E-mail info@katarina.ee

Curator Ann Viisileht
Attendant Karitas Uus

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