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The Museum of KGB Cells

The Museum of KGB Cells is situated in the "gray house" which in the 1940s–1950s housed the NKVD/KGB. The basement floor, where a remand prison for political prisoners was situated, is open for visitors. Part of the cells, lock-ups and the corridor in the basement have been restored in their former shape.
Other former cells house an exposition, which gives an overview of the history of the Estonian Resistance Movement, the crimes of the communist regime and life in a remand prison. In the exhibition you can find plans drawn by the Soviet authorities for conducting deportations, leaflets distributed by the schoolchildren's underground organizations, objects from the GULAG prison camps, information about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's connection to Estonia, as well as a great number of other photos and documents illustrating Estonian contemporary history.

The seminar room provides space for temporary exhibitions. Until the end of December a travelling exhibition from Tukums Museum "Birch bark letters from Siberia" is on display. Birch bark letters written in Siberia are a symbolic documentation of the life stories of ten residents of Latvia and Lithuania who were imprisoned in the GULAG or deported to distant regions of the Soviet Union.

In Estonia the total number of people who fell victims to different repressions from the security organs amounted to approximately 122,000 and more than 30,000 of them lost their life.

Latest news: Next event: 22. September Resistance Fighting Day

KGB Cells Museum


Riia 15b
Tartu 51010
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Opening times:
Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 16

Ticket prices:
Adults: 4 euros
Children, students and seniors: 2 euros
Family: 10 euros
Guided tour in English: 20 euros (max 30 persons)
Guided tour in German: 20 euros (max 30 persons)

Curator: Indrek Hallik

e-mail: kgb@katarina.ee

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